Enforce Handwashing Effectively and Efficiently

Enforcing hand washing is the best way to help prevent the spread of germs, viruses

and diseases.

We encourage all to practice proper hand hygiene to live a safer and healthier lifestyle.

The Handwash Reminder helps enforce hand washing effectively and cost efficiently.

Prevention & Awareness

Pregnancy & Newborns

Germs, Viruses

& Diseases

Ensure your hands are always clean especially when pregnant and when touching newborns.

The importance of proper hand hygiene should be seriously observed in order to keep a healthy lifestyle for you and your newborn.


Be proactive and learn about germs, viruses, diseases and their conditions. This will help establish what virus or disease you may have and how to treat it effectively.

If you are unaware of what virus or disease you have, use the cdc website and find out what you need to know.

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Distributors Welcome!!

Handwashing seems to be the hardest task today in preventing the spread of viruses and with the assistance of the Handwash Reminder, we can effectively help enforce hand washing.  Help become part of the growing need to enforce hand washing.  Distribute the Handwash Reminder in your area.

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