The Handwash Reminder is a cost effective infection prevention strategy.

All nursing directors and managers must identify the importance of hand hygiene compliance programs.

You are always at risk for acquiring viral and bacterial transmission through hand contact.

All facilities need infection prevention strategies to improve hand hygiene compliance, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Help prevent the spread of superbugs, viruses & diseases by proper hand hygiene protocol.

Hand Hygiene practices reduce the spread of HAI's

Approximately 30% of patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU) are affected by at least one HAI

Failure to comply with a hand hygiene policy equals a patient safety error.

With the Handwash Reminder, we have developed an innovative strategy to improve proper hand hygiene compliance.

Hospitals and Health-care

Restaurants, Hotels & Cruise Ships

Schools & Daycare 

Managers and Corporate personnel in the food industry must understand and comply to hand hygiene protocol. ​​

The amount of germs on your fingers can double or even triple after touching a toilet or door handle.

Germs and bacteria on your hands can survive up to three hours, spreading onto every thing you touch.

Wet, sweaty or damp hands can spread germs and bacteria one thousand times more than dry hands.

Always practice proper hand hygiene before preparing and handling food.

You should not prepare food while sick and for at least 3 days after symptoms stop.

The Handwash Reminder focuses on what matters most in the food industry...proper hand hygiene compliance.

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Hand Hygiene Protocol.... There is a Solution!

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Hand hygiene has long been considered the easiest way of infection prevention, limiting the spread of viruses and diseases by hand contact.

Hand Hygiene Device

Schools and Day-care staff and personnel can help slow down and prevent the spread of viruses, diseases and germs.

Many diseases and viruses are spread by not washing hands.

Up to 10 million bacteria can be found between your finger tips to your elbows.

Almost 80% of viruses and bacteria are spread through cross contamination by hand contact.

In general, a strategy that includes improvements in hand hygiene is likely to be beneficial to everyone.

Handwashing can result in a significant decrease in absenteeism from illness.

Children touch their eyes, nose and mouth after touching objects, contracting bacteria and germs.

Child care workers who do not wash their hands after changing a diaper can quickly spread a virus throughout the child center.

The Handwash Reminder is a cost effective infection prevention strategy.